Counting and keeping track of key elements of your business are key elements in a well run business. Sports teams and large corporations count and track numerous components of their respective industries. Batting averages, earned run averages, goals against averages, unforced errors are key statistics in various sports.  Pounds of waste per unit produced, accidents per year per worker or driving accidents  per mile driven and many more “counts” are kept by industry. Think MacDonalds knows how many quarter pounders are sold each year? Or Ford knows how many Taurus they sell ? Of course they do.  What are you counting?

Counting is a simple way to gauge customer interest in your product or how effective  your store or facility is being managed. How many rooms are sold in your hotel each night?   How many turns does your Triple load washer do on a weekend? How many patient falls does your skilled nursing facility have each month? How much less is my water bill having bought the latest energy efficient washer? These and numerous other items await your review. Remember you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Counting is the first step in managing. Let’s start counting today!