On Friday, September 26 there was a front page article in the Boston Globe regarding the pending, dramatic increase in electric rates in Massachusetts. Other states have posted similar stories recently as well. The announce increase by National Grid in MA was 37% over last winter!!
Why the increase? Basically, it is due to the fact that more power plants are using natural gas to generate electricity. Although we have a lot of natural gas reserves in this country we do not have the pipeline capacity to get to New England when demand spikes. Many laundries who use natural gas in their laundries experienced sharp increases in their natural gas cost last winter as the cold weather caused them to use more gas than contracted for. When they bought gas on the spot market their cost was considerably higher.
While electricity is going up home heating fuel has remained steady since providers have signed longer term contracts than power plants.
Now is a good time to review utility efficiencies throughout your operation. This winter failure to do so may be a very costly oversight.