Time outs are taken at critical junctures of sporting events. Perhaps the team is not playing well and needs to be admonished. Perhaps they are tired and need to catch their breath. Maybe the coach sees that the opposition is doing something the team was not prepared for. Whatever ther reason the goal is improved performance after the time out. The same type of discipline is needed in business and our personal lives  as well.

In business the time out can take on many different looks. Coffee or lunch break, a meeting in your office, a brief Q & A on the shop floor or hallway all consitute time outs. A quick review to solve a problem, ponder a solution, suggest an alternative way of doing a task can all be handled in this manner. Larger issues can be handled in a more formal setting. The time out is a quick , catch you breath encounter.

We should take these time outs in our personal lives as well. Take a walk at lunch if possible. Walk around your business during the day and try to observe something different. Take a different road to or from work. Take a  couple of minutes and reflect on something pleasant. After the time out resolve to take some type of positive action.

We all have heard the expression ” The faster I go the behinder I get.”  Take a time out. Maybe all you had to do was slow down in the first place.