Providing A Better Customer Experience As Simply, Yankee

Yankee Equipment Systems, Inc. spent 2011 working towards offering laundry professionals in New England and Up-State New York a more reliable, experienced business partner. Since its inception in 1988, Yankee has been a major equipment and service provider to the laundry industry in the northeast. Even with a strong 20+ year foothold in the market President Ted Ristaino and Executive Vice President Peter Limoncelli saw the need to modernize the company in several ways.

First, the old red, white and blue logo and acronym Y.E.S. were replaced with a new integrated , circular logo. Next, the tag line “Real. Results. “ was added to reflect Yankee’s commitment to honest, genuine, knowledgeable partnership with its customers.

In addition to changing its physical appearance Yankee is committed to raising the customer experience to what has come to be expected in today’s market. More frequent contact with customers in the field and electronically are key elements. More timely responses to any customer request will be evident too.

Finally, with this in mind Yankee has adopted a new mission statement focusing clearly on the customer relationship:

“We form long term relationships with customers to help them manage profitable and environmentally friendly laundries.”

Customer service driven promises for each division of the company, social media content, and a more reliable customer service experience are all be expected in 2012 and beyond when partnering with Yankee.