new-castle-hotelWith 21 properties in the United States and Canada, the New Castle Hotels and Resorts need to make sure they have partners they can count on. When it comes to their laundry operation, Vince Barrett says Yankee Equipment Systems is that trusted partner.

Barrett is Vice President, Food & Beverage/Managing Director for New Castle and says the hotel chain has worked with Yankee for nearly a quarter-century at their properties, including:

  • The Hilton in Lexington, Kentucky
  • The Westin in Jekyll Island, Georgia
  • The Westin in Halifax, Nova Scotia

“We can depend on them 100 percent. They are always there,” Barrett says.

When the Jekyll Island property experienced issues dealing with the new technology from an upgraded washer system, Yankee was not only on site to bring the unit back into production, but Yankee employees helped wash and fold laundry while the repair was in progress.

With Yankee’s guidance, New Castle has placed Milnor equipment in 85 percent of its properties, along with state-of-the-art folding and ironing machines.

“Milnor equipment is more reliable and has a longer life expectancy,” Barrett says. “Those machines are workhorses. They last 10 to 12 years.”

At the Westin in Jekyll Island and the Hilton in Lexington, Yankee helped design laundry rooms that include:

  • Two 90-pound washers;
  • Three 65-pound washers;
  • Two 120-pound dryers;
  • Four 75-pound dryers;
  • An ironing machine;
  • A towel folder.

Barrett estimates that adding an ironing machine and towel folders at the massive 310-room Nova Scotia property slashed payroll by approximately $200,000.

“They are a great company, we really respect them and we have a great relationship,” Barrett says of New Castle’s relationship with Yankee Equipment Systems. “That’s why we’ve worked with them for 23 years.”