When AJ Vohra’s Pearl Street Laundromat in Albany, N.Y. was destroyed in an arson-related fire, he turned to Yankee Equipment Systems to help him rebuild. Vohra lost 20 washers and 15 dryers in the blaze, and he credits the sales staff at Yankee with helping him work with his insurance company to provide pricing for new equipment. “I needed to replace equipment in kind, and Yankee was instrumental in making that happen,” he says. Vohra, who also owns Million Suds Laundromat and Summit Plaza Laundromat, both in Schenectady, N.Y., decided to install Huebsch equipment in his rebuilt Albany laundromat. He cut back on the number of overall machines, but switched to washers and dryers with a larger capacity, replacing 40-pound washers with 80-pound machines. “The laundromat was nine years old, so the thought process was also nine years old,” says Vohra, who now has 30 total machines in the Albany facility. “With the changes in the market, these washers are now more in line with the current trend.” Vohra has also worked closely with Yankee in his role as a consultant, guiding new laundromat owners into the business. He recently helped build a laundromat in Troy, N.Y., collaborating with Yankee to make sure the new owner selected the equipment that best served his needs. “Yankee is very easy to work with,” he says. “If things are not going in the right direction, their sales rep will step right up and drive hundreds of miles to help.”