Aladco logoWhen a Milnor Continuous Batch Washer broke down at Aladco Linen Services in Adams, Mass., company owner David Desmarais knew that he had to quickly get the machine up and running.

There was a good business reason for that. The machine:

  • Represented 70 percent of the facility’s wash capacity;
  • Produced more than 3,000 pounds of laundry per hour;
  • And for every day it was out of operation, Aladco would lose an estimated $10,000.

“Without it, we were dead in the water,” Desmarais says.

Within three hours, technicians from Yankee Equipment Systems were on site with the necessary part for the extractor, which removes moisture from the line. It was installed and the washer was back in operation by the end of the day.

“That was critical,” Desmarais says. “When I call Yankee and they recognize we are in trouble, they are there.”

Desmarais has worked with Yankee since he purchased Aladco in 2005, but his relationship dates back to 1980 when he was president at Foley Services, Inc. in Rutland, Vt. At Aladco, he has purchased all his major equipment from Yankee for the 45,000-square-foot facility, including six 450-pound and two 125-pound capacity split pocket washer/extractors.

“I would not consider buying a piece of major equipment from anyone other than Yankee,” Desmarais says. “I’ve never had a case where we needed help and they were not there to support us.”