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Searching for commercial laundry equipment repair service? We’ve got you covered - all brands!

Your business thrives on the hum. You know the sound: it’s the comforting whirl as a washer completes another load of laundry for your tenants. It’s the whoosh of the door leading into your laundromat. And most importantly, it’s the sound of your company operating smoothly. But any great machine requires maintenance. Whether you are experiencing machinery troubles or are looking to schedule routine check-ups, Yankee is here to respond.

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We succeed when you do. To that end, call us today and tap into an outstanding pool of talented technicians. Each specialist is local to your area—resulting in faster service responses and faster repairs. In addition to years of experience, all of our technicians stock a wide array of equipment, tools, and specialty parts in their service vehicles. An on-site fix means you’ll be up and running again in record time. Let our technicians help you out. We can repair machinery from toploaders to tunnels, and everything in between.


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Coin & card operated
washers and dryers.

Commercial (OPL)

Small and large capacity manually operated washers, extractors and tumblers.


Laundry equipment for apartments, condos, schools, public housing, shelters and more.


Commercial-size, professional-grade washers for industrial operations and large-volume laundry.