The title of this post is a well known admontion we have heard since we were kids. I daresay that those who are reading this now have taken it to heart and achieved a level of professional success by its constant application in many aspects of their business. We budget, strategize, analyze every month of the year. How well do we plan to take care of our equipment?

Planned maintenance for your equipment is not a costly or time consuming endeavor. It requires constant attention to a few aspects of your operation that will pay dividends all year. Two of the main areas for Planned maintenance are cleaning and lubrication. Regardless of your type of laundry — retail or commercial– you will generate lint, lots of it. By a regular cleaning of lint screens, duct work, make up air vents and motors your dryers will dry faster and more economically. Changing oil in housings, lubricating chains and lubing grease points assures longevity of key components like bearings.

Finally, routine inspection of obvious potential trouble spots: drain valves, door gaskets, water valves will allow you to spot costly problems. Even if you do not have the ability or staff to fix these problems the fact that you are aware of them and can take corrective action with service provider will keep you from needless downtime.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.