Energenics Air Washers

Energenics Air Washers



Slippery. Lint will not adhere to its glazed surface the way it does to metals. Energenics’ “Black Fiberglass” is made with a blend of proprietary materials and provides a corrosion-resistant, fire retardant, weather-proof structure for the AIRWASHER. It is ideally suited to this service.
Resilient. The laminate with a Flexural Strength of 36,900 psi will not crack like stainless steel.
Corrosion Proof. The entire structure is inert to organic solvents and weak acids.
Insulated. Compared to “Black Fiberglass”, steel transmits over 30 times as much heat to the occupied space.
Housing. Our two-piece, watertight housing will not leak.

Available Models:

AW8 (8,000 CFM)
AW-10 (10,000 CFM)
AW-20 (20,000 CFM)
AW-30 (30,000 CFM)
AW-40 (40,000 CFM)

Superior Operation

Better filtration. AIRWASHER’s Integrated Target Spray uses no nozzles, creates a huge wall of water, and filters excellently all the time.
Better dryer operation. AIRWASHER can be optionally equipped with a Variable Speed Motor Control. A Barometric Damper is included with each unit to modulate the exhaust fan to match the dryer exhaust.
Safer Operation. Optional controls interlock the AIRWASHER to the dryers to insure simultaneous operation.
Selection. Horizontal or vertical mounted tubeaxial fan.

Target Spray System

Energenics’ Target Spray is completely accessible on the front of the AIRWASHER. Remove the plug at the rear of the spray pipe and you can see completely through. There are no obstructions to become fouled. Water delivered at a higher pressure through the spray pipe is blasted onto the fan-shaped target which diffuses it into tiny droplets.

Superior To Install

AIRWASHER is shipped fully assembled to save you the major cost of on-site assembly.
Rigid Frame. Suspends the housing, isolates fan vibration, enameled tubular steel.
Custom inlets. You specify size and location. 45 degrees offsets simplify exhaust piping.
Ask any user — they’ll tell you their installation did cost less… and is far better.

Major Maintenance Eliminated

Cleaning plugged nozzles. AIRWASHER uses no nozzles. Nothing to clean.
Scraping lint inside the collector. Wet lint sticks to metal, does not stick to “Black Fiberglass.” No lint, no scraping.
Sealing leaks. AIRWASHER’s two-piece, watertight housing will not leak.

Ask Any User – He’ll Tell You . . .

“Clean nozzles? Of course not. My AIRWASHER has no nozzles!”
“Clean the collector? Why? My AIRWASHER stays clean by itself.”
“Leaks? Never. My AIRWASHER cannot leak.”

Current Models:

Model Wash-10
Model Wash-20
Model Wash-30
Model Wash-40