Chicago Rapidfeed

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RAPID FEED is a powerful and extremely compact vacuum feeder designed to produce more linen with top quality leading and trailing edges and less operator effort in high volume feeding applications. It can be used with small or large pieces and will improve both the quantity and quality of pieces fed. When placed in front of a high production ironer, Rapid Feed can be operated in one to five or more lanes, depending on item size.

Operators merely place linen above the front edge of the specially designed vacuum chamber which then stretches and holds wet linen firmly on the feed conveyor. A high speed doffer roll helps to rapidly advance pieces through the system so operators can quickly handle the next item. Optional guide wheels hold down linen’s leading edge while a vacuum chamber pulls back, agitates, and smoothes the entire linen item and its trailing edge. A specialized doffer roll at the top of the exit conveyor then grips the leading edge, preventing large pieces from being pulled back by the powerful vacuum. At the exit, a low pressure air bar ensures no flipped corners on the leading edge of large pieces, while an adjustable stainless steel bar holds down the trailing edge to prevent it from snapping into the ironer. The result is a very high volume of pieces properly stretched and presented to the ironer for high-quality finishing. All in a newly designed compact footprint that is less than 50” (1276mm) front to rear.


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