Utility costs have long been a concern for laundry operators in commercial laundries of all types. In addition to labor and linen replacement, utility costs round out the major cost centers that need close management. Before trying to manage utility costs with the purchase and /or lease of energy saving equipment try some of these no cost techniques. They are quick, easy and only require an investment of some time.


  • Check water levels. Are you running all high level washes ?  Which cycles or formulas can be reduce to low level?
  • Check water temps. Are you running a lot of hot water cycles? How about changing the rinses to warm or cold?
  • Check for leaks. Gaskets, hoses, and drain valves wear out in time and can cause a lot of wasted water. Small leaks add up fast!!


  • Observe how dryers are operated. Are all goods being dried on high temp for excessive times? Who determines when the goods are dry?
  • Observe dryer conditions. Is the lint screen cleaned regularly? Is the lint draw secure when the dryer is being operated?
  • Are your dryer vents clean? Any obstruction will increase dry time and hence energy costs.

Start with the no cost solutions first and when warranted investigate other alternatives. You don’t need to spend a lot to save a lot.