Having a “Green Facility” should not mean not doing laundry.

Hospitality, Health Care, and Commercial Laundry facilities all strive to reduce water consumption in order to meet a “Green” standard. Clean linen should not have to be sacrificed. 

Contact Yankee to discover the benefits of Pellerin Milnor Laundry Equipment with RinSave® Water Saving Technology.

Available in 5 Different Capacities (40lbs. through 160lbs.) and three different Microprocessor Controls Options, there is a Milnor machine suited to your specific needs.

Industries that stand to benefit from Pellerin Milnor commercial laundry equipment:

Reliable washer-extractor laundry equipment from Pellerin Milnor is a great solution for many industries struggling with laundry demands. The following stand to benefit most from Pellerin Milnor equipment’s reliability and power:

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Commercial Laundry Facilities
  • Fire Departments and Athletic Facilities

Fill out the form to learn more information about Pellerin Milnor equipment and the positive benefit it can have on your laundry facility.

Why Yankee?

When you partner with Yankee, you get more than state-of-the-art Milnor commercial laundry equipment. You get our commitment to help you manage a more profitable and environmentally friendly and efficient laundry facility.


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