Next to the phrase “energy saving equipment” the phrase “labor saving equipment” is equally popular. Washers with shorter wash cycles, dryers that dry in less time, towel folding equipment are all examples of machinery that CAN reduce your labor cost. Notice the emphasis on CAN. Yes, equipment CAN reduce labor but it needs an assist from you. Labor must be managed.

Washers and dryers complete their cycles faster than ever. However, to make the most of that efficiency they need to be loaded to their rated capacity. What have you saved if you put 30 lbs. of linen in your 60 lb washer ?  A scale helps insure proper loading of your washer and subsequently your dryer. Once the load is finished how long does it sit in the washer before going to the dryer? Or low long does it sit in the dryer before being folded and distributed? If this part of the process isn’t managed you have saved nothing.

Small piece ( towels for example) folders can save a lot of time versus hand folding provided you schedule your work to keep it busy. If no towels are available to fold because none are dry what becomes of the savings for those working that line?

Finally, equipment can only save labor if it is performing at the level at which it was designed to operate. Improperly maintained equipment over time will lose its ability to run efficiently slowing down your process and minimizing your savings. Again, this effort needs to be managed.

There is a lot of  “labor saving equipment” on the market. With some help from “labor saving management” your laundry will be more productive and profitable.