You have finally closed on that laundromat you have been trying to buy for some time. You are now an owner of a coin operated laundry. Maybe the washers and dryers are old. Maybe they are less than 5 years old and in good shape. Maybe the water heater is very efficient. Maybe it is not. You have a punch list of how you want to upgrade your new laundromat. Great.

Before you start purchasing replacement tumblers or washers your first purchase should be to buy new money boxes with new keys for the entire store. “But there are fifty money boxes in the store and I got fifty keys.” Nice. How many keys did the previous owner buy? Granted they have one for each money box in the store. Did they ever purchase any extra ones?  Why take the chance? On the other hand, if they can only find 42 of the 50 keys get the money boxes swapped fast. Maybe a customer has a key. Maybe a former disgruntled employee has one. Who knows where they are?

While you’re at it you may want to consider one key for dryers and a different one for washers or groups of washers. That way if you lose one ( in this case let’s say a dryer key)  you don’t have to buy all new keys. You just need to replace the dryer keys.

It’s your store. You have saved and planned for this day for a long time. Why risk sharing revenue with some one who is not an owner? Its your money!