Is Opening a Laundromat the Investment You Have Been Looking For?

  • Recession-resistant business — Clean laundry is always a necessity.
  • Balance business ownership with your lifestyle.
  • No accounts receivable.  Laundromats are a cash business.
  • Customers process their own laundry.

If you’re considering building or buying a Laundromat, contact a Yankee Laundromat representative for expert advice on:

  • Location – Area demographics are key to your Laundromat success.
  • New vs. Existing – Are you better off looking for an existing Laundromat or building new?
  • Equipment Mix – What equipment will give you the best return on investment?
  • Curb Appeal – You must be seen and attract customers to be successful!
  • Business Mix – What neighboring businesses will complement your Laundromat?

Let Us Help You Succeed:

Yankee’s combination of industry expertise and top-quality vended Laundromat equipment has placed investors like you on the path to vended laundry success for over 25 years.

Get on the Path to Vended Laundry Success!

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Westin Hotel

70 3rd Ave, Waltham, MA
Tuesday February 28th 2017 at 7PM.
Livermore Room

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