Laundry Equipment Repair
Machinery breaks down. It’s a truth of all industries that rely on equipment and the laundry industry is no different. So how do we keep your downtime on the equipment you depend on to a minimum? Preventative Maintenance programs and following proper maintenance schedules go a long way to keeping equipment of all ages in the best operating condition. What about unexpected break downs? No amount of preventative maintenance is going to account for the unexpected failure.

When you call to report a breakdown a technician is dispatched to your business to diagnose the problem. The best case scenario is that the technician is able to diagnose your problem and repair it immediately. However, there are times when a specific part is needed and the technician does not have the part in his truck. At this point, downtime continues and added expense, next day freight for instance, may result. Parts have to be ordered either from Yankee inventory or the manufacturer’s inventory and shipped to your location. A return call is then scheduled to make the repair. In some cases a 24 hour turnaround is possible, though it could be 48-72 hours before the parts are received!

Yankee carries an extensive inventory of parts in our warehouse and on our vans for the equipment we sell to provide you with a prompt repair. Nonetheless, with the hundreds of parts on each machine and the hundreds of models on the market it is not possible to stock to every part for every machine ever sold. To minimize costly downtime we suggest you consider purchasing a list of machine specific, factory recommended parts to have in stock. Yankee’s goal is to return your equipment to proper working condition as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. A Yankee Parts Department representative would be happy to work with you to produce an inventory of spare parts to help keep your laundry running profitably all year long. Contact Don Abbott or Shane Horvath today at 800-239-9265.