The elusive goal of every golfer is to hit par for a round of golf. “Hitting par” of course means that you went around the course in the the exact number of strokes listed on your scorecard. Any weekend golfer would happy to leave the course at the end of the day having “hit par.”

Par level is also an often elusive goal for those operators of hotel and nursing home on premise laundries. Par in these instances means one complete change of linen for all the rooms on the property or in the facility. Obviously, Par will change from location to location. Once Par is determined the next question is ” How many Par do we need to run efficiently and effectively?”  Needless to say, two Par is the minimum a facility should have. That level would result in all the rooms having linen in them while the equivalent amount is in the laundry being processed. Once processed, the clean linen is delivered to the rooms the next day while the soiled linen in the room is brought to the laundry.

If two par is the minimum what is optimal?  That depends on a number of issues. How much storage do you have for clean and/or soiled linen? How much money can you reasonably afford to invest in linen?  What are the consequences of not having clean linen when needed? How many washers and dryers  are available to process linen? How many hours do you want to run the laundry?

In a perfect world a property would have three par: one in the rooms, one in storage, one in the laundry. Three par protects your operation from the results of  equipment breakdown, labor shortages, surges in census or occupancy. However, if three is not possible for the above mentioned reasons try to keep it above two. Once your facility dips below two par of linen you will notice increased calls from housekeeping or nursing for immediate delivery of linen. Room turnover will be delayed resulting in unhappy customers or residents. In a healthcare setting more pressure for clean linen can also result during flu season.

Your linen provider can work with you to determine your current par level and how to develop a program that works for you. Like the happy weekend golfer who hit par you, too, can go home happy at the end of the day once you “hit par” in your property or facility.