Vending the Laundry Machines:

The laundry equipment located at Granada Highlands are completely operated by cards. There is no cash option for this system. We have attempted to give tenants as many possible options of payment for laundry usage except cash on site. The options available to you are:

1. All Major Credit/Debt Cards Accepted right at the Machines: There is no need for a separate laundry card if you do not desire one. You can use your Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express at the machine. There is a $7.00 preauthorization which will be explained later on.

2. Smart Chip Card from Machine in the Leasing Office Area: If you wish to have a card just for laundry which you can load larger amounts of money onto. There is a machine located in the lower section of the leasing office where you may purchase a card and add funds via your credit/debit card. The card cost is $5.00 and you may add funds to the card from $5.00 to $99.00 via the machine.

3. Smart Phone App: There is an iPhone and Android Smart Phone App that can monitor and start the machines at this location. You can find this app by searching “MyLaundry ESD” through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Upon downloading the app you will be asked to sign up for an account and assign yourself to a location (Account, Options or Settings depending on the phone type), if you use your locating services on your Smart Phone it will find that you are at Granada Highlands. Once you have done so your phone can become your virtual laundry card. There is no need to “scan a laundry card” like some of the literature you may have read states. Simply signing up for an account gives you this virtual number. You have the ability to securely reload funds on to this virtual account through:

https://www.mycyberlaundry.com .

Log in with the same information you registered on the app and there is a page to reload your card via your Credit or Debit Card.

When using the web site to relate your account to a building you simply need to search “Malden, MA” to find the list of Granada Buildings.

4. Mailing a Check: For those tenants who do not have a credit card you are able to mail a check to:

Yankee Equipment Systems, Inc.
Attn: Granada Highlands
P.O. Box 630
Barrington, NH 03825

Please include all of your contact information so we may create you an account. Once your check has cleared we will add the funds to the card and mail it to you. The card will still cost $5.00 and we expect you to keep this card for your laundry transaction. Requests for lost card will cost $5.00 each time just like the machine on site. Future checks mailed to add funds will be added in total to your card on file after the check clears. There is no need to mail the card back we can add the funds directly to the card from our office.

Web Apps, Websites & Machine Monitoring/Alerts:

Please note iPhone and Android Apps may have slightly different functionality. All testing via Yankee was done on an Apple Phone. For example: The Android app does not have all of the functions of the iPhone App. The iPhone App allows the buildings to be grouped together while the Android App displays machines in order by Machine Type or Time Remaining.

From the Web App you have the ability to vend and monitor the machines. You can see what machines are open or running in specific buildings and even how much longer the machines have before they are ready for use again.

By selecting a specific machine in the Smart Phone App you are given options to. “Vend” or “Keep Track” of a machine. Vend will start a cycle (as long as you are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular connection and you have funds available in your account). Keep Track of the machine (on iPhone only) will alert you when the cycle is done (if you have notifications turn on). Also if you start a machine from the App and you have the “End of Cycle” option turn on. You will receive a notification when the cycle you started has ended.

If you do not have a Smart Phone that can install applications but would still like monitor the availability of the laundry machines you may visit and create an account at:


From this page you can assign yourself a specific building in the complex to monitor the machines. If a machine is running you may request a text or email alert (to the email or phone number registered) when the machine completes the cycle.

When using the web site to relate your account to a building you simply need to search “Malden, MA” to find the list of Granada Buildings.

Washer Machine Cycles:

The Washing Machines are rated to hold 22lbs. of laundry. A good gauge of a full load would be about ¾ of the basket filled with clothing.

Normal: This should be the most generally used cycle. It will provide the best clean for most common fabric types and will have the fastest spin to extract the water from the clothing.

Permanent Press: Use this cycle for smaller loads of natural or synthetic fabrics to avoid wrinkling and fabric damage. This is a more gentle wash & slower extract speed. Items may come out of the washer damper than the Normal Cycle.

Delicate/Bulky: Use this cycle for the delicate fabrics as well as blankets and comforters. This provides a much gentler wash and slower extract.

Light, Medium & Heavy: These cycle modifiers relate to the amount the laundry is soiled. Normally soiled clothing would be considered Light while extremely soiled clothing could be best cleaned in a Heavy cycle. Medium Cycle adds a prewash. Heavy Cycle adds a prewash and extra rinse.

Service Requests:

The web apps have an ability to submit service request. At this time until the app is further developed we ask that you do not submit requests with this feature. It does not allow for us to ask for a problem description. We ask that any requests for service or machine issues be directed to our Service Department via email at: servicedept@YankeeEquipment.com or phone: 800-239-9265. Please include the Building Number, Floor Number and description of problem when contacting service.

Credit/Debt Card Preauthorization Details:

Yankee/ESD holds $7.00 upon starting the first machine. This is to verify that enough funds to complete a wash and a dry. The vend pricing at Granada is $2.35 up to $2.85 for a wash and $2.35 for a 45 minute dry with a 15 minute additional time feature for $0.25 more. If tenants do enough laundry to exhaust the $7.00 before we release it, the next swipe over that amount will preauthorize another $7.00.

Yankee/ESD holds these funds for 3 hours. This is to give tenants enough time to complete laundry. After 3 hours has passed if another machine is used the card will be preauthorized for another $7.00.

After the 3 hours Yankee/ESD tells the card holding bank no longer need the funds anymore and the difference between the $7.00 and what was actually used is released. At that point the “up to 72 hours” time frame is decided by the card holding bank. Some may release right away but banks have the ability to hold preauthorized funds for 72 hours.