Murhpy’s Law tells us, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. However, we do not have to accept this as an ultimate consequence. There are steps we can all take to prevent the worst from happening at the worst possible time. You depend on your laundry equipment to be operating effectively all season long. We understand this, which is why we try as hard as we do to express  the importants of establishing a “Planned Maintenance Program”.

Planned maintenance is an important yet commonly overlooked necessity in just about every service providing industry which depends on mechanical equipment. The laundry industry is no different. As an example; a part of Yankee’s everyday business is to ensure our fleet vehicles are able to deliver our technicians to their service destinations and keep up with our busy delivery schedule. Our business depends on the ability to deliver new and service existing equipment. It would be incredibly short-sighted to allow our fleet to fall into disrepair.

Today is May 1st. Right now in New England, Hotels, Inns, Motels, and Resorts are gearing up for the summer and fall. Which tend to be very busy travel seasons. Add to this many Northern New England hospitalties are winding down from the winter “Ski” season, and spring becomes the perfect time to make sure your laundry equipment is ready for the next busy season. To take a few days this spring to assess your equipment could prevent you from having a catastrophic failure with a full house of travelers.

Yankee has been creating Planned Maintenance Programs for the Hospitality Industry for as long as we have been in the business. We will come into your facility, perform a detailed inspection of all machines, follow manufacturer guidelines on proper routine maintenance and can even help train your staff to take care of the day to day or week to week maintenance which is so important in the long run.

Don’t  fall victim to Murphy’s Law at the worst possible time.

Contact Hal or Bill in the Service Department at 800-239-9265 or email to schedule a “Peak Season Check up” today at our introductory price of $299.00. Also be sure to inquire about a Planned Maintenance Contract to keep your machinery running smoothly all year long.