Getting clean linens does not end when the dryer cycle stops. You need effective flatwork finishing solutions for truly clean, truly neat linens. There’s no other name in flatwork finishing technology that’s better than Chicago.

Chicago is the world leader in automated flatwork finishing of washed linens. From separating to folding, Chicago’s equipment gets your most precious linens ready for deployment in your most critical areas of service.

Chicago offers a complete selection of flatwork finishing equipment, designed to increase your productivity, efficiency, and secure the appearance and cleanliness of your linens:


The Cascade® is Chicago’s best separating machine yet! It promises bigger volume capacity and faster linen separation without the need for additional equipment. It can handle any size linen pile loaded manually or via a conveyor system. With a whopping continuous pick rate capacity of more than 1,600 cycles per hour, you can easily and effortlessly increase your output. It offers up to 50% faster speed than its predecessors and works efficiently with other Chicago equipment.


Having brought the technology of the cornerless spreader/feeder to the world, it’s no surprise that Chicago’s lines of feeders are among the world’s best. Their current selections are designed to meet the growing demands of on-premise laundry facilities. Chicago feeders and spreaders can take high-volume work and get your linens primed and ready for ironing in no time. Discover the different styles and features of Chicago feeders by contacting a Yankee representative today! 


Chicago offers on-premise laundry ironing solutions for facilities of all types and sizes. The innovative ironing technology comes in gas, thermal fluid, steam, and electric heating. They’re available in a wide range of diameters and lengths to suit your linens’ unique needs.

  • Small Ironers. Your smaller needs still deserve high-quality ironing solutions. The Chicago small ironers line is the perfect option for your smaller linens. These compact machines deliver fast-paced, high-quality ironing and are the perfect productivity and efficiency booster.
  • Mid-Range Laser Iron Series. Speedy ironing is no big feat for the Chicago mid-range laser iron series. The laser line performs two times faster than average ironers, boosting your productivity in a breeze.
  • Imperial Series Ironers. Space efficient and fast, these compact ironers are your best choice for large diameter ironing needs.
  • Multi-Roll Modular Ironers. Iron your large-volume linens faster and better with the multi-roll modular ironers. They are among the fastest ironers in the market.



Fold everything neatly and quickly with Chicago’s selection of high-tech folders, ideal for use in any facility. Even in more compact spaces, folding equipment from Chicago meets your needs.


  • Small Piece. Tumble dried products come out sleek in the small piece French folders from Chicago. They are ideal for towels, aprons, pads, and airline blankets.
  • Large Piece. Give your larger linens all the love with Chicago’s selection of high-speed, large-speed folding machines. Different equipment comes with different features, but you get the assurance of Chicago efficiency, productivity, and quality results.
  • Small Piece Accumulation. Fold and stack your most delicate small linens like napkins, hand towels, and pillowcases with any of the high-tech small piece folders from Chicago.


Do more with limited space with the help of compact combination equipment from Chicago. These machines can do everything in one, with a convenient and effective mechanism.


Be in control of all your laundry flatwork finishing needs with Chicago’s top tech equipment controls. The touchscreen control technology of Chicago equipment lets you make the most of all your equipment, with as little effort as possible.


Get the most out of your operations and your Chicago flatwork finishing equipment with auxiliary products that make your work easier and faster. Products include Bridge, LinenStream, LintBuster, and Stacker.

Complete Your On-Premise Laundry Equipment with Chicago

Let Chicago’s 100 years of laundry technology take your on-premise laundry operation further. With our cutting-edge technology, you will cut down on labor and operations costs and boost your productivity in one swift go.

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