Increased productivity… reduced downtime… makes the Milnor difference!

High-Quality Durable OPL Equipment

Milnor is an industrial leader in manufacturing durable On-Premise Laundry (OPL) equipment you can count on. All of their products are inspected by a dedicated employee to ensure the highest quality before leaving the factory. Whether it’s washers or dryers, Milnor has been providing customers with quality, efficiency-tested equipment since 1947. The state of the art washers are designed with their RinSave Water Saver design, while the EcoDry Series dryers provide up to 25% more energy savings than any other dryer.

RinSave® water saver feature:

This exclusive software removes up to two rinses per load, as well as reducing fill/rinse time, to shorten load time by up to 10 minutes. Saving hundreds of gallons of water every day not only leads to real savings, but is eco-friendly. Save time, money and the planet!
  • Saves up to .4 gallons of water per pound of goods processed.
  • Can be used with formulas utilizing bleach.
  • Standard on all T-SeriesV-SeriesMWF-SeriesX-Series, and 48040 open-pocket washer-extractors.

MilTouch™ Control:

Select and/or modify pre-programmed formulas based on your specific needs. Combined with the energy-saving RinSave® water saver feature, this intuitive control saves you money and reduces operator guesswork.
  • Graphic run screen gives you unprecedented control and insight into your wash.
  • USB port is there for you to move or back up formulas to save you time.
  • Available on V-SeriesMWF-Series48040 F7Z, and 48040 F7D and washer-extractors (40 lb.-275 lb.).

E-P Plus® Washer-Extractor Control:

Ensure proper and accurate washing with 30 pre-programmed formulas (including 10 options for eight different industries) that allows the operator advanced flexibility.

Why Yankee?

When you order from Yankee, you get more than state-of-the-art On-Premise Laundry equipment. You get our commitment to help you manage a more profitable and environmentally friendly and efficient laundry facility.