Traditionally, capital equipment has either been purchased with cash either from operations  or financed or leased for a specific period of time with some type of pre determined buyout at the end of the lease. With capital budgets under some stress lately in certain sectors of the economy ( municipalities come to mind ) rental is being viewed as an alternative to the traditonal payment methods.

While equipment rental has been utilized for a short term non recurring project ie a gas space heater for a construction project it can also be used used for longer term back of the house operations like laundry. With rental you get a new piece of equipment , parts, and labor all included in one monthly price. Normally these monies are budgeted as an operating expense as opposed to a capital expense. Also it eliminates a the unexpected expensive repair like a motor during the rental period.

Laundromats, hotels, long term care facilities, motels, prisons, shelters, party rental and many other industries can take advantage of laundry equipment rental in these still uncertain times.