The ability to reduce costs at your commercial laundry facility and still maintain production and quality control can make a tremendous difference in your bottom line.

But how do you do that? We love sharing ideas that will help you make your business more efficient and profitable. In this case, Milnor’s PulseFlow® CBW tunnel washers and the one-person loading system from Chicago Dryer will allow you to do more loads in less time with fewer people.

Consistent Production, Lower Operational Costs

Milnor’s PulseFlow® CBW tunnel washers create a more consistent production schedule by reducing wash time by one full shift as compared to conventional industrial washer-extractors.

These machines double the output from the washers and dryers to the production floor, allowing your facility to reduce its hours of operation by as many as eight hours per day. The shorter operating hours lead to lower operational and employee costs across the board.

They also offer:

  • More modules for greater production.
  • Water inlets and drain valves for more flexibility.
  • Mentor Control that allows you to pre-determine temperature and chemical levels for each bath. Each module can be used for different baths.

The Mentor Control feature automatically selects the processing formula, which follows the batch until it’s unloaded from the dryer and delivered to its finishing destination. Goods proceed through the formula by traveling from module to module, with no stops and starts for draining and filling after each bath. This saves money and cuts down on utility usage.

It’s All About the Finished Product

Chicago Dryer has been an industry leader in flatwork finishing for more than 100 years. They have helped countless on-premise laundries find ways to be more efficient. They have solutions for separating, feeding, ironing and folding. Here are some customer favorites:

  • Cascade is the premier linen separation system for laundries that need to produce the highest continuous volume of separated linen to keep up with today’s high-speed automated spreader feeders. This free-standing, single-platform compact unit automatically separates and unloads extracted, tumbled or caked work of any size from a variety of laundry carts or overhead and lateral conveyor delivery systems.
  • Chicago’s feeder line provides automated high presentation of sheets and table linens into flatwork ironing and folding equipment. The OPL, for instance, allows one person to operate a complete finishing system for sheets or large table linens.
  • Their folding line is versatile, with products to meet the laundry volume and floor space of any operation. The Air Chicago series uses an exclusive technology to increase speed and production and is fully automatic.
  • For operations with limited space, Chicago has been producing top of the line all-in-one units like the CrosStar CT 36, a one-piece combination feeding, ironing, crossfolding and stacking system with the ability to be operated by one or two people.

Higher Volume, Less Manpower — It’s About the Bottom Line!

Finding the right piece of equipment to handle your volume, fit your space and meet your quality standard can get tricky. It’s about finding the right partners. When you do, the results not only match your expectations, but they increase your profitability.