Yankee, your trusted laundry equipment partner, is always looking to provide the best the industry has to offer. Today, the best is Dexter laundry machines. As a company that strives to provide our customers the highest-quality laundry experience possible, our move from Speed Queen machines to Dexter has been done for all the right reasons. 

Bought A Speed Queen From Us Recently? Don’t Worry!

If you’ve purchased Speed Queen equipment with us in the past year, fret not. We will continue to provide consistent, reliable, high-quality service to these great machines. 

Everything You Need to Know About Dexter Laundry Systems

Dexter is an all-American, 100% employee-owned brand with a steeped history of exemplary craftsmanship and performance. Their professional-grade laundry equipment and century of expertise make their machines uniquely adept to serving your every washing need. If you’re looking for a change that yields reliability and consistency, making room for a Dexter washer is  one way to do that. Here’s what else Dexter does: 

They Integrate New Technologies 

Dexter specializes in all kinds of commercial laundry equipment – from washers to dryers to laundry management systems. Their equipment is monitored and run with the latest technology. As a result, your laundering operations are more precise, smoother, and more profitable. 

They Build Machines From A Deep Pool of Experience 

Dexter’s Iowa-based manufacturing company has been around for an astounding 125 years! If you’re looking for experience, it doesn’t get any better or more reliable than Dexter’s state-of-the-art washing machine selections have revolutionized commercial laundering over the last 125 years. Dexter brings you high-powered, high-tech, advanced laundry solutions designed to power your laundry business or your on-site facility.

They Don’t Charge Network Fees!

Dexter’s commercial laundry equipment does not come with costly monthly fees. You can solely focus on expanding your operations network without any additional costs that burden your business’s growth.  

They Offer Lifetime Technical Support for Their Machines

Dexter drives your business growth further with the guarantee of lifetime technical support. Their team of elite tech experts will make sure your Dexter equipment is running to its full potential at all times.

Yankee: Solutions that Move Your Business Forward

Yankee remains steadfast in our commitment to helping business owners and facility managers. When you purchase, lease, or rent your washing machines, dryers, and management systems from us, you’re getting more than just equipment.

Yankee provides the technical and full-service support that your business needs, in the quality that you deserve. We are a team that’s passionate about your business and your success. You need the right tools to succeed in your laundry operations, and we strive to provide them. 

The size of your operation won’t determine the attention we provide. When you work with Yankee, you’ll get the best support, the best equipment, the best maintenance, and the best prices.

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