Get more out of your laundry business with the right equipment! Yankee is your number one source for the best coin-operated laundry equipment and upgrades. Whether your business is just taking off or you’re looking to go further with what you have, Yankee has the ideal solutions for you.

Dexter Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment

Yankee offers you the best selections and deals for your coin-operated laundry needs with Dexter commercial laundry equipment:
  • 3.99% Interest Rates. Dexter offers competitive payment options for commercial laundry equipment, so you can take your business capital further. All Dexter equipment available via Yankee Equipment comes at a very friendly 3.99% interest rate – no buts, no ifs, and no time limits.
  • No Additional Charges on DexterPay and DexterLive. Looking for a more modern approach to your coin-operated laundry? Yankee can help you with that! All Dexter equipment purchased through Yankee comes with DexterPay and DexterLive options at no additional cost to you. DexterLive is the mobile laundry business management tool that lets you run your business, wherever, whenever. DexterPay is a flexible payment system that lets you offer more payment options for your coin-operated laundry business.
  • Full Sales and Services only from Yankee. Yankee helps your business go further with our full sales and maintenance service. Our highly-skilled team includes certified experts in the care and maintenance of your Dexter equipment. The tools of your trade are always in the best hands with Yankee.

Alternative Payment Methods for Your Customers

Looking to reach more customers? Offer better, more flexible payment options with the right payment systems! At Yankee, you can upgrade with alternative payment methods from some of the world’s most reliable brands:
  • Card Concepts, Inc. From multiple payment methods including coins, debit/credit cards, and loyalty cards to a secure, centralized collection system, CCI gives you safety, convenience, and user-friendly upgrades to your commercial laundry business.
  • ESD. The most secure update to your commercial laundry business, ESD offers systems that are highly resistant to vandalism and tampering. Additionally, with a more durable mechanism, your coin-laundry payment system can withstand heavier, longer-lasting use.
  • SpyderWash. One of the leading names in laundry payment method systems, SpyderWash allows your business to accept all kinds of card payments while still keeping coin-operations available.

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