Every two years the major trade associations in the laundry and dry cleaning industries sponsor the Clean Show. It is a world – class event in which virtually all manufacturers of commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment display their products. In addition, supply manufacturers of all types, laundry and dry cleaning parts dealers, and consultants participate. These participants come from all over the world. Despite these attractions, one hears many members of the industry not attending because “there is nothing new.” Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Every industry represented showed new products.  For instance, Chicago Dryer introduced several new products among them Edge Ultra Maxx, Imperial 60 ironer, Air Chicago Trifecta sorting small piece folder. Also, introduced was Chi-Vision. Chi-vision “automatically detects and recognizes stains, tears, and holes to assure production and delivery of high quality bed and table linen. It can also classify, sort and count flatwork based on size, color, patterning and / or logos.”  Remarkable.

Even if you are not in the market for new equipment at this time the access you gain to the owners, executives, and engineers of these companies is priceless.  Not only that but you could participate in any one of 25 seminars conducted by the sponsoring associations; CLA, TRSA, DLI , and ALM. 

Unless you truly believe you have nothing left to learn about the laundromat or dry cleaning or linen supply or healthcare or hospitality laundry industries come to the next Clean Show in two years in Atlanta. You may be surprised at what is new.