Card operated laundry works by allowing your customers to use their credit, debit, loyalty and EBT cards to run their chosen washing and drying machines. Customers can conveniently pay for the amount of machine time they desire by simply swiping their card. Some of these machines also give customers the option to remotely monitor their laundry operations through their smartphone.

Card Operated Laundry Equipment Solutions

Card operations give business owners the ability to regulate your vend price incrementally and adjust pricing for peak times. This can give you a potential opportunity to increase revenue. Also, with the acceptance of loyalty cards, your business will give users further incentive to come back and use the machines again.

Card Concepts Inc.

Card Concepts Inc. provides some of the best automated payment systems in the laundromat industry. CCI has over 30 years of experience in the industry and uses customer feedback as they continually adjust their systems to provide the most convenient features for your business. Our designers work with CCI’s systems to ensure they are easy to understand and apply. Choose from features that include time of day pricing and the ability to control washers and dryers from a smartphone.

ESD Inc.

ESD uses an electronic payment system for multi-housing and vended laundries that accepts any combination of coins, debit/credit, loyalty and EBT Cards. Since 1969, ESD has provided payment systems that operate seamlessly with all laundry equipment brands. ESD systems allows your customer to monitor laundry operations remotely and enhance laundry equipment functionality and features.


Since 1968, SpyderWash systems have been providing the most advanced and user-friendly products to help your business achieve financial success. SpyderWash provides businesses with a systems that accepts all forms of payment, making it easy to continue with coin payments while still using their latest high-level Bluetooth encryption.