From the moment you start up your first machine, you’re taking a leap of faith. You could be launching your own laundromat. Or updating a 20-year old operation with the latest technology. Perhaps you’re outfitting a new nursing home or hotel with in-house laundry capabilities, or providing a development of modern apartments with state of the art washers and dryers that will transform renters into dedicated tenants for years to come.

The point we’re trying to make is this: you’re passionate about what you do.

So are we.

Since 1988, we’ve sold, delivered, installed, and serviced an outstanding line of laundry equipment. Yankee Equipment Systems, Inc. came together in 1988—the result of a shared vision by Don Cook and Ted Ristaino to become leaders in laundry-based solutions. More than two decades later, that dream continues to live as Ted and co-owner Peter Limoncelli lead a family of committed and talented men and women to become the provider of choice for laundry owners and operators who are seeking equipment, parts or service.

Here’s the key to the great Yankee record of success: personal, one-on-one attention—whether you’re installing a new commercial-grade dryer or building out a 50-machine laundromat. We get to know you, so you’ll know success. As a part of that commitment, we take an active approach to our community with services and events. At Yankee, we:

  • Perform service demonstrations to coin-op laundry customers and operators
  • Sponsor an annual St. Patrick’s Day Trade Show for laundromat customers

Proud to Serve.

So, where do we operate? We proudly service all 6 New England states, as well as Upstate New York.

Yankee sells, leases, rents and maintains equipment for an enormous range of industries including: Laundromats, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, linen suppliers, apartments and condos, colleges, rehabilitation centers, fire departments, party rental, drycleaners and many others. No matter where you live in our service area, we’re local to you. Our service technicians and sales points-of-contact live in the area they serve—meaning you’ll enjoy fast service on repairs, knowledgeable advice, and the spark of a long-lasting connection that will keep your operation humming along.

You’ll enjoy an outstanding selection, too. We proudly sell and lease great brand names such as Pellerin Milnor, American Dryer, Chicago Dryer, American Changer, Standard Change Makers, Hamilton Engineering, Natco, Unipress, and Union.