One week ago today we were loading up the trucks and triple checking our lists to make sure we had everything ready for our 35th Annual Vended  Laundry Trade Show.

Being one of the people who spend many hours through out the year trying to ensure the all details are taken care of: Floor Plan, Vendor Space, Reservations accounted for, and proper Advertising has been sent out. I can tell you that the Monday following the show, after all the handshakes and accolades are passed around is a time to sit back, take a breath and reflect on the blur of time I call Show Weekend. Four to five months of planning over in two days.

It’s a lot of work. Any endeavor like this always is. However, it is work I proudly perform just to have these two days every year. From my time in the Parts Department through my current position at Yankee. Having the ability to bring Yankee, our long time customers, new investors and other Industry Vendors all together under one roof is and always has been a special experience for me.

I try to take time on the show floor to visit every Vendor and thank them for their participation. The one thing I am never able to accomplish is to visit every customer/investor attendee to offer the same thanks. The simple reason is there are just far to many. Which after 35 years I know everyone at Yankee is very appreciative of everyone who walks through the Show Room Doors. Without our dedicated customer base the Show would not be the success that it is single year. Thankfully the Internet and Social Media now gives me an outlet to extend my appreciation to everyone in attendance this past weekend.


Joshua Jones
Special Project Manager

Items of Interest from the Weekend:

Gerry Guertin Named #1 Salesperson in the Country by Set-O-Matic/Spyderwash

Yankee Celebrates Attendance of Long Standing Customers John and Bonnie Demars