Yankee represents products from many different manufacturers around the country like Pellerin Milnor, Huebsch, American Dryer Corp, Chicago Dryer, Hamilton Engineering, Standard Changemakers, Natco, ESD, Rowe, CCI, Cleaver Brooks, American Changer, Columbia Boiler, Speedcheck, Unipress, R&B wire, Steele Canvas Basket. Despite the different industries these companies serve and the different states in which they are located they have one big thing in common: most IF NOT ALL of their products are MADE IN AMERICA. In aggregate they employ over 3000 workers who in turn support their local economies with monies earned in the local factory. They go to the movies, eat at restaurants, take vacations, buy houses, clothes and food with monies earned in the local factory. In a time when politicians of both major parties are decrying the loss of American manufacturing jobs Yankee can proudly say that factories in Louisiana, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Illinois, California, Texas, New Jersey, Indiana, Florida and other states are producing laundry equipment for us to distribute to laundry operations of all types in America. Who made your laundry equipment ?